We've got the solution to your hybrid events problems.
Intuitive event technology, designed with inclusivity in mind.

Make sure everyone feels connected and take the stress out of hybrid events. Audiences both at home or in your event venue can connect together, or with your event partners using Haia super easily.

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There's a few things that make our browser based platform stand out above the rest...

Haia Cards

You're worried about missing out on networking opportunities if you take your event hybrid, don't be. Haia Cards can be swapped virtually and in-person.


ROI for you and your partners

Making your event hybrid won't mean you lose out on potential ROI, in fact, it's quite the opposite. Haia lets your event sponsors be seen and heard with lead generation tools and fantastic follow up data*. *feature to be released in 2022.


The Stream Team

Hybrid events can be a minefield, let us take care of your event. The Stream Team provides the tech, the platform and the team. Read more about the Stream Team here.


QR Code Generation

The secret to a hybrid event. Good job we automatically generate them for your event. One less thing to worry about.


Invite Only events

Going hybrid doesn't mean you lose your target audience. With the Invite Only toggle you can differentiate between your audiences and ensure the right event reaches the right audience.


Green Room

We know communication is key at hybrid events. With the green room, all your fellow speakers, organisers and interpreters can test their setup beforehand.


We're only scratching the surface here, get in touch to find out more

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Those all important FAQs

Answers to your Haia questions

All you need to enter is your email address, first name, last name and preferred language! There's a few other non-compulsory fields you can fill in if you want to.

Haia is free for an event under 30 minutes and under 30 attendees! You can buy a plan if you think you'll want a bigger event or want to gain analytics.

If you go over your plan allowance, maybe you've underestimated your event planning skills and it's time to upgrade! The event won't be published until you've either upgraded or edited your event to be within the limit of your plan.

If you're upgrading, you can do so for free, and have access to the upgraded plan straight away. And you won't be charged the upgraded plan amount until your next billing date.

We're not here to tie you in, you can downgrade at any time. This will also come into action at your next billing date.

Hopefully you won't run into any issues, but if you do or need a hand, you can fill out this form and one of our team will be happy to assist!